Carol Fitzgerald Weighs in on Novels about Women Behind the Famous Men

Novel ideas: The women behind the famous men
by Deirdre Donahue

11:46a.m. EST February 13, 2013 – Publishers are releasing a bonanza of new titles in the vein of ‘The Paris Wife’ and ‘Loving Frank.’

Along with a big glass of wine and a few nibbles of cheese, women in book clubs these days crave a toothsome novel that triggers strong emotions and spirited debate.

And they’re finding it in books that center on a famous 20th-century man — and the sometimes forgotten woman at his side. Through the magic of fiction, novelists are creating a prism that illuminates history and love, bringing these women back to life.

It’s an approach that has produced some surprising hits, with more waiting in the wings hoping to make the same climb up the best-seller list.

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