Carol Fitzgerald comments on author book tours in Forbes

Book Tours: Hell or Helpful? Author’s Snark Ignites Debate
by Craig Wilson

11:02a.m. EST January 24, 2013 – As First World Problems go, the awfulness of the author’s book tour is hardly a novel one.  Yet a recent column in Salon by “Go The F*** To Sleep” writer Adam Mansbach on the horror that is the under-attended bookstore appearance provoked a notably strong response, both among those who sympathized with his plight, or at least found his description of it worth a chuckle, and among those who were less than amused.

To the latter, many of whom work in the book industry, Mansbach displayed a lack of graciousness in mocking the resources being used to flog his book at a time when those resources are increasingly in short supply for other authors.

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