Publishers Weekly Coverage of the Children’s Book Council Forum on Social Networking where Carol Fitzgerald presented

YA Readers in the Age of Social Networking: A CBC Forum
by Matia Burnett

May 16, 2013 –  A Children’s Book Council forum drew a sizeable crowd to Scholastic’s downtown Manhattan headquarters on Tuesday, May 14, for a discussion called Engaging Relationships: How Kids & Teens Discover, Connect With, and Share Their Passions. One glance at the stage made it clear that this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill panel. Two of the speakers were just a few years younger than the other participants: they were two sisters, both YA bloggers from the Reading Teen blog – 12-year-old Reagan and 18-year-old Kit, who helped provide a multigenerational perspective on reading and writing within the context of social media.

Joining the bloggers were Rachel Fershleiser representing Tumblr, Ed Meagher of DOGO Books, Ashleigh Gardner from Wattpad, and Carol Fitzgerald from the Book Report Network. Charlie Schroder of Charlie & Co. moderated.

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