Basic WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

$65.75 on the 1st of each month

Monthly hosting and WordPress tech maintenance.

First payment: February 1, 2022



  • Hosting on a secure server

WordPress tech maintenance

Weekly Maintenance

  • Check for new versions of any plugins and update
  • Check for new versions of themes and update
  • Clean any spam comments
  • Optimize database – clean up files
  •  Scan for malware

Monthly Maintenance

  • Backup entire website and database (the frequency can be customized depending on how often the website content changes)

Quarterly Maintenance

  • Check performance, i.e. how fast the site downloads

As Needed

  • Update WordPress when major features are released
  • Add or change plugins as the technology evolves
  • Uptime monitoring – Monitor if the sites goes down so that we can quickly address the cause before anyone notices

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