Bookreporter Talks to… Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewel joined Carol from London to discuss her newest novel, Invisible Girl. Carol and Lisa first met at BookExpo a few years ago, where they quickly bonded over Lisa’s thriller writing. Carol has interviewed Lisa before, which brings a very funny moment to the interview. They talk about Lisa’s inspiration for Invisible Girl, which came from a rather innocuous sighting, which got her imagination going. There are intertwined stories of three characters; two who live in the same neighborhood. Lisa reveals that the third character did not have a voice at the beginning and she then clearly emerged and demanded her own robust storyline. Lisa and Carol talk about the incel ideology that one of her characters has embraced, and the strange ways it’s creeped into society. And the conversation leads to Lisa describing her thoughts on perfectionism, how it influences her work, and how it affects her life.

Books discussed in this episode:

Invisible Girl  by Lisa Jewell

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