Bookreporter Talks to… Linwood Barclay 2021

Linwood Barclay, the New York Times bestselling thriller author of over 20 novels, joins Carol Fitzgerald to discuss his latest thriller, Find You First.

In Find You First, Miles Cookson is a tech millionaire who has all the money he could ask for but is running out of time. He’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness and hopes to spend the last bit of his short life finding anyone he might have passed it on to. As a sperm donor, he knows he has multiple unknown kids, and he’s got to find them and share the truth before time runs out. On his journey, he realizes that his possible descendants are vanishing one by one.

Linwood talks about what drew him to write about DNA testing, as well as his character, Jeremy Pritkin. They also discuss his writing process – and what’s next. Carol and Linwood are old friends, and they roll on to to discuss what they have binge watched and loved — and how Linwood has not been able to get a haircut since November 28th due to Covid-restrictions in Toronto.

Book Discussed in This Episode:

Find You First by Linwood Barclay

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