Carol Fitzgerald weighs in on the future of Barnes & Noble

What’s future of Barnes & Noble after CEO exit?
by Bob Minzesheimer

July 10, 2013 –  Carol Fitzgerald, founder of, says that before Borders collapsed, both chains faced similar issues: “Oversized stores and a shrinking of two categories, music and DVD videos.” But B&N “was in a better cash position to weather the storm, which is how they survived.”

She suggests that what B&N needs to do now is “what Borders started to do with their concept stores, but it was too late. It needs to quickly examine what the consumer really wants in stores…It has the space to create ‘shops’ in its stores for readers — book group shops, YA (young-adult) shops. Think the first floor of Harrod’s (the famed London department store) to make shopping there an experience. The warehouse approach needs to be redefined to be something fun.”

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